PC-POS 7 - Point of Sale Software

PC-POS 7 is a cash register program for POS computer terminals (Point Of Sale).
PC-POS 7 combined with PC-Market 7 makes an integrated system for retail business management.
PC-POS 7 provides an intuitive and easy-to-use user interface compatible with touch screens and specialized keyboards.

PC-POS 7 key functions: insoft_pcpos_mail.pdf
  • The clear and simple interface means cashiers will quickly learn to handle sales efficiently using PC-POS 7.
  • A touch screen facilitates day-to-day operation. No need to search for keys: simply touch an icon on the display. The quick sale icons make it much faster to select the fastest moving goods.
  • You can also use a normal monitor and assign required functions to appropriate keys on a classic or programmable keyboard.
  • A barcode reader and card reader significantly speed up the handling of sales and processing of payment or discount cards.
  • Tailor the software to your industry-specific needs: you can define an optimal configuration for the cashier window’s appearance and functionality with a number of ready-to-use interfaces.
  • Keep cashiers accounts effectively: in the PC-Market 7 inventory management system you can review each cashier transaction and check their sale volumes, numbers of customers served, the amount of cash that should be in the drawer, as well as the number of card payment confirmations, vouchers, reversed items, cancelled receipts, etc.
  • Gain control over cashiers working: the system supports multiple cashiers working at one time; each of them can have several receipts open. Cashiers can move between cash registers – the system keeps track of which transactions were handled by which cashier. A cashier cannot select a colleague’s receipt, as only his or her own receipts are visible on logging in.
  • Give discounts and process loyalty cards: the software can add points to loyalty cards, and quickly provide information about customers, current total points and the discounts they are entitled to.
  • Lock cash registers when not in use: the session lock functionality means you can be sure there will be no unauthorized access to a checkout station.

PC-POS 7 is compatible with most models of store equipment:
  • Fiscal printers
  • Barcode scanners
  • Electronic weighing scales
  • Programmable keyboards
  • Magnetic card readers
  • Customer displays

PC-POS 7 is a simple, intuitive and functional cash register program designed for POS (Point Of Sale) computer stations with a display, fiscal printer, barcode scanner, weighing scales, and touchscreen or programmable keyboard.

PC-POS 7 is compatible with touch screens.

PC-POS 7 is configurable; it can cater for the needs of various retail businesses regardless of size. It can support store sales in sectors such as grocery, clothing, construction, home appliances, consumer electronics, furniture, electrical and metal equipment, etc. The software can also be used to handle restaurant and catering sales.

PC-POS 7 used with PC-Market 7 provides:
  • Detailed analyses based on sales data:
  • Reports on the number of customers in each hour of operation
  • Basket value analysis
  • Detailed basket content analysis
  • Sales records with a breakdown by VAT rate
  • Keeping of accounts for individual cashiers:
  • Amount of cash handled in each currency
  • Confirmations for payment card transactions, vouchers, cheques, etc.
  • Number of reversed items and cancelled receipts
  • Cash register operation overview.

PC-POS 7 is designed to support checkout systems - but it can also run on a standalone cash register.

PC-POS 7 is available in customized versions for:
  • Retail stores in various sectors (including fashion, clothing, shoes and home appliances)
  • Food supermarkets (version with a cash register server)
  • Catering businesses - PC-Gastronom.

PC-POS 7 runs in MS Windows and Linux environments.

Core functionalities of PC-POS 7 software:

  • Compatible with touch screens and programmable keyboards
  • Handling of payments for packaging and sales in tandem
  • Handling of discounts
  • Processing of loyalty and payment cards
  • Keeping of cashiers’ accounts for different payment methods
  • Keeping of cashiers’ accounts for cash in any number of currencies
  • Processing of weighing codes
  • Flexible configuration of staff permissions parameters
  • Management of an unlimited number of cashiers
  • Ability to keep several receipts open at the same time
  • Extensive software configuration with customized tabs tailored to your industry requirements
  • A high level of security of work and data
  • Uninterrupted operation even when the database server connection is lost
  • Compatibility with inventory management software, particularly PC-Market 7
  • Issuing of invoices for receipts, in conjunction with PC-Market 7.

PC-POS 7 offers a wide range of search methods:
  • Using a barcode scanner (RS, keyboard or USB type)
  • By manual entry of the code if the barcode is damaged
  • By name on the list of goods
  • By context on the list of goods
  • By defining conditions on selected columns of the list of goods
  • Using definable goods parameters
  • Using definable quick sale icons on the touch screen
  • Using programmed quick sale keys on the keyboard

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