PC-Market 7 - Software for Retail

PC-Market 7 is an application designed for stores and supermarkets
PC-Market 7 has a intuitive and easy-to-use user interface.
PC-Market 7 can be combined with Merchant Console to create an integrated system for retail chain management.

PC-Market 7:
  • Allows quick search for best and worst selling products
  • Track the detailed history of individual goods: from the delivery until the sale of last stock item
  • Check the status of accounts with suppliers and customers: the number of unpaid invoices and amount of outstanding payments.
  • View the store profits: the software shows what profit margins each store achieved on sales.
  • Check current cash level: you can find out at any time how much money should be in the cash drawer
  • Prepare orders without visiting the shelves: just specify the number of days for which selected stock is to suffice, and the software will automatically pick goods to re-order from suppliers
  • Save time and effort while stocktaking: the software supports portable terminals (PDA), so stocktaking takes less time. The terminals can also be used for accepting deliveries.
  • Print shelf and product labels quickly: you can design unique labels for your store. The software will automatically print them out for all new items on delivery.
  • Save time required for imputing delivery documents: your supplier can provide them online to you
  • Encourage customers to frequent purchases: the Loyalty System means customers visiting your store more often to earn prizes for loyalty points
  • And many other possibilities...

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