Software for the Retail Chain Management

How it Works ?

Retail chains use different organizational ideas to optimize their performance. Therefore Insoft offers different solutions for alternative organizational designs of retail chains.

Typical organizational strictures used in retail chains management include:

PC-Market 7 with remote management of prices on the tills

PC-Market 7 module for remote management of prices on the cash registers is designed for chain stores equipped solely with a cash register. In the shops there are no computers in the back. Computer with PC-Market 7 is located at the Head Office or in one of the shops. Cash registers communicate with headquarters via modems or through a wide area network (Internet). There may be one or more tills in the store - the program can group them.

PC-Market 7 in Head Office and Mini-Market in Stores

Solution designed to support small and medium-sized chain stores. Mini-Market is a clear and functional system by which we can handle a store in the retail chain. In this model, the the Head Office is managed by PC-Marekt 7 which fully controls the stores equipped with Mini-Market programs. As a result, the Head Office can automatically take advantage of all the functionality and modules offered by PC-Market 7. It is possible to conduct individual pricing for each of the stores. This solution is recommended for the proprietory stores or stores in the very strict franchise, where the autonomy of the store is very limited.

Merchant console in the Head Office - PC-Market 7 in stores

The solution is for chain stores with varying degrees of autonomy. Merchant Console 7.3 include: central management of the list of goods and prices, the central management of your suppliers, centralized management of loyalty cards, central order and delivery management, summary reports and analysis. Merchant Console manages the shops equipped with PC-Market 7, so that the stores can operate both in a centralized model, as well as on the basis of substantial autonomy and standalone decisions.

The ERP system in the Head Office

If the head Office is using the ERP system, the Merchant Console can provide collaboration and the exchange of data between the ERP system and the software that supports stores - using a dedicated software interface.

PC-Market Software for chain stores provides:

Preview how many shops have earned - the program displays up to date turnover of the stores.

The current status of cash - at any time you can see how much money should be available in each of the stores.

Save time on entering supply documents at the store level.

Incentives for customers to frequent purchases - thanks to the loyalty System at the Head Office level and in the individual stores.

Displaying the amount of goods - on the fly, in real time, so you can quickly decide on additional supply to the store or transfer of a commodity between the stores.

Multilingual versions - it allows the introduction of a uniform system for the entire chain of stores regardless of location.

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